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But Rosenman wasn’t willing to “cross that line” and approach her. The 32-year-old got his phone number and made up an excuse to talk to him.

I will be posting the full wedding album towards the end of the month. It’s just so good and so decadent.” Pregnancy hasn’t been easy for Port, and she has been sharing her experiences with other expecting moms via vlogs. Obviously, I didn’t know it was going to be so difficult, but as soon as I started feeling those symptoms, I was like, ‘You know what?It can’t just be me that feels this way.'” She added, “So the more I talk about it the more I can get support selfishly, and then people who hear it can support each other and really be a forum for each other to complain to and vent to…Their mother, a florist, was the creative one, while their dad was a dentist.Both parents had entrepreneurial skills, so it makes sense that Hilary Rosenman has a creative fashion sense and is an entrepreneur.

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She launched the shoe collection, “Madison Harding” with her friend, and she also sold clothing online.

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